Side effects of Bambidil for the treatment of asthma, my experience is Bambedil , Bambidil is a drug used to treat asthma and is also used to expand the airways .

Side effects of Bambidil for the treatment of asthma. My experience is Bambidil

  • Bambidel is used in the treatment of bronchial tubes, asthma and breathing problems, as it is a long-term treatment.
  • Bambidel works to open the airway entering the trachea and lung, thus helping the patient to breathe easily.
  • Among the most important side effects of Bambidil medicine are heart palpitations, tremors, nausea and headache at times.

Side effects of Zylofen for the treatment of allergic conditions

  • Zylofen is an antihistamine that contains ketofen, and this substance, in turn, reduces or expels histamine from the body, which causes itching or continuous sneezing.
  • One of the most common uses of Xylofen is as an anti-allergic agent, especially in spring, the pollen season in which allergies abound.
  • One of the most important side effects of Xylofen is the deterioration of the regularity of vision, and eye glow and blurry.

Side effects of Marcofen pain reliever

  • Marcofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and does not contain a narcotic, meaning it is a non-opioid analgesic.
  • Marcofen contains ibuprofen, which is known to be one of the fastest antipyretics and has a long effect.
  • Marcofen should not be used in patients with lupus erythematosus, kidney disease and ulcerative colitis

Side effects of Lorinase for the treatment of nasal congestion and allergy. My experience is Lorinase

  • Lorinase is one of the important medicines that help relieve colds and flu and cold symptoms, and is used as a treatment for allergies.
  • Lorinase should not be used with heart patients, especially coronary artery patients, and patients with high blood pressure, and it should not be used with children under 12 years of age.
  • The use of Lorinase may result in dizziness, sleep problems, insomnia, or dry nose, and these symptoms are very rare.

Rhinocalm side effects

  • Rhinocalm is a combination of three ingredients, including paracetamol, which is known for its effectiveness in relieving pain.
  • Rhino Calm is used to treat headaches, sinus congestion, high fever and runny nose.
  • Rhino Calm should not be used in patients with prostate disease, especially an enlarged prostate, and it should not be used in patients with chronic bronchial asthma.

Side effects of Fexodine for sinusitis. My experience is Fexodine

  • Fexodine or fexofenadine are histamine receptors, which prevents cell secretion of histamine and reduces allergy symptoms and skin itching.
  • Among the most common symptoms and side effects of Fexodine is vomiting, flu-like symptoms, and nasal congestion.
  • There are less effects represented in coughing, high fever, drowsiness, pain in the muscles and extremities, and a feeling of fatigue and dizziness.

Side effects of Flixonase Nasal spray

  • Flexonase nasal spray is the best nasal spray that relieves nasal congestion and facilitates nasal breathing.
  • Flixonase Spray contains cortisone, which helps in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis, but you should consult a doctor before starting treatment.
  • Flixonase is taken for adults and children, but under medical supervision, because it causes side effects such as dizziness and rash.

Oseltamivir capsules side effects

  • Oseltamivir is a viral medicine and is used for flu symptoms as we all know that influenza is viral, not bacterial.
  • Oseltamivir causes many side effects, including fever, skin rash, colitis, increased blood sugar level for diabetics, and swelling of the face and tongue.
  • Oseltamivir is used only for a few days only under medical supervision and patient monitoring in the event of any side effects to take the necessary action quickly.

Night And Day N Tablets side effects

  • Night and Day is known for its white and yellow colors, the white tablet for the end and the yellow for the evening, and the opposite should not be taken, as the night tablet contains a substance to help sleep and reduce congestion.
  • The morning tablet of the Night and Day medicine helps with intense concentration, especially since the cold makes the person lose focus, and I recommend it for those who work in jobs that require a present mind and focus.
  • Night and Day should never be used by pregnant women, as it is not considered safe for fetuses.

Flustat Tablet side effects

  • Flustat is used in all its forms, whether it is tablets for adults or syrups for children, and it is very effective in cases of severe allergies.
  • Flustat contains Paracetamol, which helps reduce fever and acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Flustat may cause drowsiness, difficulty breathing sometimes, nausea, and headache. This is my experience with Flustat.