Taking Ponstan Forte pills and Voltaren suppositories at the same time . Today, in the following article, we will learn about taking Ponstan Forte pills and Voltaren suppositories at the same time on the Wissam website .

Take Ponstan Forte and Voltaren suppositories at the same time

  • There is no harm from using Ponstan Forte and Voltaren suppositories at the same time, and at the same time it is safe.
  • I do not agree with the opinion that we take several analgesics at the same time in Ponstan Forte pills, which in themselves are a strong analgesic, as they are sufficient on their own, and there is no need to take Voltaren suppositories with them.
  • All analgesics are excreted through the kidneys, and these analgesics are abundant in the excretion, so care must be taken, especially with analgesic drugs, to avoid kidney failure.

Taking pills to delay menstruation 10 days before

  • Pills to delay the period are taken 10 days before the period, if the woman wants to postpone her period for some circumstances, such as Umrah, for example, then she tells the doctor to determine the necessary dose that does not affect the hormones.
  • Any pills for delaying the period have a negative effect and should be avoided and used only under medical supervision and in cruelty only.
  • Noor steroids and Sedelut Noor tablets are used to delay menstruation, as they work on the thickness of the uterine wall in order to prevent bleeding from the layers of the uterus.

Taking pills to delay the period after its descent

  • Pills to delay the period are taken from the second day of menstruation in order to control the hormones and make the menstrual cycle regular.
  • The menstrual cycle comes every 25 days, and if it progresses or delays too much, it is considered a hormonal imbalance, and from here you take pills to delay the period to adjust the cycle in its monthly dates.
  • Menstrual pills should not be taken by delaying menstruation, as they are of no benefit and do not intercede just as they are not. A gynecologist must be consulted.

Take folic acid pills before pregnancy

  • Most obstetricians and gynecologists recommend taking folic acid before pregnancy to prevent fetal deformities.
  • It is very important to take folic acid daily before entering pregnancy, especially in the three months of the first pregnancy and during pregnancy also for the proper development and growth of the fetus, as well as to prevent anemia for pregnant women.
  •  Folic acid also contributes to ovulation, improving the quality of the egg, and sometimes it is a treatment for weak ovaries, as it improves the ovulation process.

I take Diane’s pills, and I feel my manhood hurting me

  • Yes, birth control pills increase the risk of blood clots and sometimes cause pain in the legs.
  •  Diane pills sometimes increase the weight between three or 4 kg a year.
  •  Diane pills are used for ovarian conditioning syndrome, and they are also used to treat excessive hair growth on the face and body.

Take vitamin D pills 7 pills a week

  • The body’s need for vitamin D is estimated on a daily basis, not on a weekly basis. In normal cases, vitamin D is used once a day if the doctor prescribes otherwise.
  •  When there is a vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D pills are given to adults at a dose of 50,000 international units once a week for three months.
  •  Many suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and based on a blood test, the necessary dose is determined. For adults, a weekly dose of 50,000 IU is taken.

Take Marvelon and breastfeed

  • Yes, it is possible to take Marvelon birth control pills while breastfeeding, but temporarily, because this type will stop breastfeeding sooner or later.
  • There is a medical opinion that says Marvelon cannot be taken as a natural contraceptive pill, and if you want to continue breastfeeding, you should take the proportion of four.
  • Marvelon pills are used as a contraceptive, and they should be taken as one tablet per day for 21 days, and after the onset of menstruation, it should be taken from the fourth day of the cycle, and its effect will start from two to three weeks.

Took Marvelon pills and blood came out

  • In most cases, if Marvelon pills are taken at an untimely time, or if there is a mistake in the dates, it is possible for blood to drop from the uterus at a point.
  • It is possible that sometimes an imbalance in the endometrium may occur at the beginning of taking Mariflon, and it is possible for drops of blood to appear at the beginning of taking the pills.
  •  Sometimes vaginal bleeding or a small amount of blood occurs while taking Mariflon pills due to the change in the thickness of the lining of the uterus after taking the pills, and the body needs several months to get used to the hormones or the new contraceptive used.

Take Primolut pills and download the cycle in 3 days

  • To bring down the menstrual cycle, Primolut pills are taken one tablet three times a day for four to seven days, then it stops, and the menstrual cycle falls within two to three days.
  • Primolut pills are used to raise the level of the low progesterone hormone in the blood due to an imbalance in the hormonal balance, which affects the onset of the menstrual cycle.
  • Primolut pills are used to regulate the menstrual cycle, especially for those who suffer from hormonal problems or with age, and to reduce the level of the progesterone hormone.